The team led by Antonie Forest approached our thanks to our experience in outbound marketing and the success stories we have achieved.

"An efficient process with a weekly call and seamless communication by emails."

A brief history of the experience

Our client's main objective was to generate leads through a cold email campaign.

As a first step, potential customers were defined and a list of companies that met the characteristics of the target audience was generated. After the creation of a database, emails were generated and their corresponding automated sending. All this process, along with its results, is detailed in several reports.

The campaign was a complete success, the company was able to capture a wide variety of potential customers and close deals with a percentage of them. The return on investment was estimated at $10 for every $1 invested (x10).

Aspects highlighted by the client

Among the characteristics that the client highlighted about our service were exceeding expectations, a great communicative capacity establishing weekly meetings, and constant communication via email. Overall a very transparent process.