Our Focus

Long-term vision.

Welcome to Skief Labs, your outbound marketing partner that offers personalized solutions to help your business grow and succeed.

We blend data, marketing strategies, and technology in innovative ways to help our clients market and scale their products and services.

At Skief Labs, we specialize in outbound marketing to build relationships, generate leads, and uncover new opportunities for our clients.

Our goal is to help companies achieve sustainable growth by aligning technology with sales and marketing strategies.

We work with businesses of all sizes and at various stages of development, from start-ups to well-established corporations.

Our Philosophy

Strategy First,
Execution Second.

Our company's main focus is to develop marketing strategies that generate revenue and profits for our clients.
We tailor each approach to the specific needs of each client and provide scalable solutions that can grow with their business.

Whether you're looking to optimize your sales and marketing efforts or are searching for new opportunities for growth, Skief Labs can help.

We believe in developing long-term partnerships with our clients, and we're committed to helping them achieve their goals.


More business,
less busyness.

More business

Experience more growth, we maximize your business potential so you can focus on the results that matter.

Less busyness

We help clients grow in smart + efficient ways and make the whole process smooth for them.


Meet Sardar Azimov

In 2018, Skief was established in Miami by Sardar Azimov, with the aim of sharing his knowledge and expertise in business development and growth.

He realized the struggle that many businesses faced of finding a dependable partner who understands both business and technology.

He has extensive knowledge in helping companies of all sizes and industries grow their business through lead generation and business development.

Our founder

Getting personal

Sardar is a family man, with a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. Aside from being passionate about business and entrepreneurship, he's also an enthusiastic marathon runner.

Sardar applies similar concepts in his training process as he does in running outbound campaigns.

He knows that persistence, consistency, and strategy are crucial to achieving success, whether it's in business or fitness.

With his passion for both business and fitness, Sardar is a motivated and disciplined individual who always strives for excellence in all areas of his life.


What Our Clients Said

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Sardar is an expert in cold outreach, offering valuable assistance in strategy, next steps, and innovative ideas. Seek guidance from him to improve your cold email and outreach skills. Thankful for your help, Sardar!

Spyros Tsoukalas

Sardar's contribution to sales funnel analysis has bridged the gap between sales and marketing, emphasizing its importance for success. His thought-provoking questions have offered valuable insights. Thank you, Sardar!

Lina Abusultan

The meeting with Sardar was very helpful. He provided guidance, steps, links, and advice on M&A and PE. Highly recommended for his expertise in managing multiple channels effectively.

Duda Fernandes

Sardar is a knowledgeable and experienced professional who offers valuable insights and guidance. His session provided helpful wisdom for my business. Highly recommended for anyone seeking assistance.

Edwin Mik

Sardar is an expert in outbound campaigns, cold emailing, and social outreach. He specializes in growth campaigns and strategies, data acquisition, and automation, making him a valuable resource for businesses aiming to scale their growth.

Sergey Keller

The session with Sardar was insightful and valuable. We had a strong connection and he shared strategies, tips, and insights on development, the US market, and mindset. Grateful for his pragmatism and focus on outcomes. Will stay in touch.

Arnaud Fischer

The text expresses gratitude towards Sardar for providing valuable insights on cold mailing, outreach, and scaling. The conversation resulted in numerous ideas and immediate tasks, which is appreciated.

Bastien Paul

Had a great call with Sardar discussing my client, considerations for setting up an outbound campaign, and recommended tools. Sardar is the go-to person for outbound discussions. Thanks!

Nuno Pereira

Working with Sardar was a delightful experience. He asked the right questions, gave insightful information for present and future, and I will definitely connect with him again.

Nicholas Houanche

Sardar is highly intelligent and open-minded, offering excellent guidance for my new startup. I'll schedule more calls with him as he answered all my questions and provided insightful information. Grateful to Sardar!

Mousa Husseini

Sardar provided the best call ever with excellent knowledge transfer. He quickly identified and solved the problem, demonstrating expertise. Highly recommended for another call. Thanks, Sardar!

Mu Perez

Sardar, a smart mentor, provided valuable tactical advice for cold email. His agency experience with diverse clients allows him to offer best practices and unique ideas. Highly recommended for his outside-the-box thinking.

Max Fram-Schwartz

Sardar's unique insights and expertise have transformed my approach to email marketing. The session with him was a pleasure, and I look forward to reconnecting to assess progress and refine strategies.

Jorge de Casanova

Great session where we got into the weeds of outbound for our concrete challenge.

Mario Araujo

Amazing session with Sardar! He shared his experience and that was absolutely helpful. Thank you, Sardar!

Kseniia Shermin

Thank you Sardar!

Ky Arnold

Sardar is amazing! These 30 mins with him were utmost valuable!

Neha Divanji

Mind-blowing section. It was an amazing experiences, tons of knowledge. Great ideas came up. Thank you so much!

Luisa Salcedo

Very effective and insightful call!

Stoyan Vlahovski

Sardar had plenty of amazing and actionable ideas for my challenge and explained his thinking and strategic insights patiently and thoroughly. I ran low on space to take notes halfway through our call already :) Thanks so much!!

Adrian Finzelberg

Just had my first session with Sardar, and it was great! Sardar is very knowledgeable and provided me with clear and actionable steps to approach ABM from scratch. I look forward to learning more from Sardar!

Zoey Ren

Sardar was incredibly helpful and covered so much in half hour—it's given me a lot to work wi

Anjali Krishnan

Had an excellent session with Sardar. He is very enthusiastic to help out and gave very good advice on improving our cold email strategy. Would highly recommend him!

Ram Chaitanya Nellore

Sardar was incredibly knowledgeable in the fields in which I needed assistance. He was attentive and provided actionable advice in just the first session. I look forward to speaking with him again.

Jesse Crawford-Lang

Insightful discussion of my challenge, we generated a few interesting approaches for further testing.

Vika Guseva

I highly recommend talking to Sardar, he listened to what I wanted to do and then helped me gain a lot of clarity surrounding my strategy.

Kurt Steinke

Sardar gave me extremely targeted tips on improving my cold outbound sequencing strategy. We had a 30' discussion filled with loads of value! Will book again soon.

Alex Lambropoulos

Listened and gave practical tools & feedback our team is implementing right away. Thank yoU!

Anton Titov

Good chat with Sardar on cold email, agency business model, and marketing. If you live in that space, definitely hit him up for some productive brainstorm sesh.

Konrad Cichawa

A lot a very good advice and a premium vision of the services. Thanks !

Paname Automatise

Helpful session!

Kamil Kaminski

Straight to the point, clear and concise! Super helpful tips as well.

Zineb Hamdaoui

WOW! Sardar has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He provided me with several valuable ideas and clear, actionable steps to take. Super grateful and will definitely be reaching out to Sardar again, and would highly recommend him.

Ali Owainati

Sardar was incredible knowledgeable and helpful. Absolutely will be requesting another call.

Avery Hooks

Thanks Sardar, I enjoyed every minute of our conversation about cold email outreach :) Time flies when you're having fun, the 30 minutes flew by. And, to top it all off, I got lots of valuable insights into my outreach.

David Miles

Gave great tactical ideas, and was overall very friendly and helpful. Thanks for chatting, looking forward to meeting again Sardar!

Phillip Fernandez

Great session, learned a lot got some great guidance, had a lot of questions, was very helpful highly recommend Sadar, knows his stuff and was a great help for me and my company.

Alex Dennery

Fantastic call- jam packed with actionable ideas and wisdom.

Caitlin Rogers

Sardar knows sales, he did a really good job helping me breakdown where my sequences might be breaking, how I might be able to change and optimize my mails for better segmentation and market understanding. Highly recommended!

Ari Bencuya

A wealth of knowledge, brilliant human! Will work together at some point. Highly recommended.

Kritika Jalan

Great chat with Sardar. He gave me many insights on my B2B outreach. Very patient and took the time to understand my problems and propose solutions. Thanks again !

Killian Coq

Sardar is a rockstar and just a great all around good guy. An email marketing guru, I always learn a lot from just spending a few minutes with him. Highly recommended.

Jorge de Casanova

Sardar's experience runs deep - he shared so much high impact advice in our session. Super valuable, concise, and helpful! Thanks Sardar!

Eben Meyer

Great session! Extremely knowledgable in regards to cold email outreach. Thank you very very much!

Richard Bitz

Get to know us

Get in touch with us so that we can understand your unique business needs and create a customized strategy that supports your growth.


Process Oriented,
Goal Driven.

Step 1

We start with an initial assessment to get a clear picture of your needs and goals for your business.

Step 2

We identify potential strategies and solutions that can help achieve your goals.

Step 3

Once the strategy and objectives are defined, we jump right into implementation.

Step 4

We strive for excellence, which means we continuously optimize our campaigns based on performance and feedback.

Step 5

Sales inquiries come directly to you, it's time to do what you do best.

Who We Serve

External Team,
Internal Feel

Skief serves a diverse range of clients including those in marketing, sales, HR, and company founders across early-stage startups, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations.

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of marketing professionals, sales representatives, company founders, and HR specialists alike, across a range of industries and company types.

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