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Skief Labs is a data-driven marketing agency focused on growth and profit generation. We help organizations of all sizes better connect with their target audience and become genuinely customer-centric. How we do it? Simple, we start with data.



Skief Labs is a growth agency focused on revenue generation. Our firm provides business advisory services to companies of all sizes and stages of development (from start-ups to well-established businesses) with the goal of achieving sustainable growth by aligning sales and marketing strategies.

Our mission is to help companies fuel their sales pipeline in a sustainable and predictable manner by using high-quality leads and leveraging available data. Our scope of services ranges from customer data management to go-to-marketing and growth strategies.





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CRM Data Cleansing

Go-To-Market Strategy

A customized go-to-market plan can be developed by analyzing a company’s specific sales objectives and current conversion rates at each phase of the pipeline while addressing all identifiable business challenges (such as low conversion rates, high cost of acquisition, low ROMI, low quantity and quality of leads, and so on). ​

Our actionable insights include competitive benchmarks and allow for the identification or validation of your product-market fit. Our work is based on the lean startup approach: we test the market, analyze the outcomes of campaigns, and focus on the most successful tactics.

Go To Marketing Strategy

Growth Strategy & Hacking

Skief Labs helps companies of all sizes and stages of development (from start-ups to well-established corporations) achieve sustainable growth by aligning sales and marketing strategies. By focusing on generating revenue and profits, our company develops data-driven marketing strategies tailored for each client and implements scalable solutions.

Growth Strategy and Hacking

Content Marketing

Most organizations still find it challenging to understand which types of content are most effective for their target audience, resulting in a disconnect between their business and potential customers. We examine what steps organizations are taking to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, as well as which approaches are the most effective.

We then strategize using actual market data and available resources to define content to produce for each relevant channel. Creating meaningful content for every stage of the Buyer's Journey is vital to help them move along the sales pipeline to a final sale. We assist our clients in creating the right content-market fit.

Content Marketing

Data Generation

Depending on the business objectives set by our clients, we support businesses to generate market data to perform market studies, define go-to-market strategies, launch lead generation campaigns, and set-up ABM programs. For instance, we can help you identify your Target Markets, asses the size of the total addressable market based on your Ideal Customer Profile, and identify Key Decision Makers.

Data Generation

Lead Generation

Looking to develop your business using marketing campaigns, but unsure of where to start? Our tailor-made acquisition strategies help companies fuel their sales pipeline sustainably and predictably by using high-quality leads and leveraging available market data.

Lead generation strategies are suitable for B2B & B2C companies and include both inbound vs. outbound marketing. It is essential to rationalize the marketing budget and ensure the right marketing mix for a healthy growing business. Every company is different, which is why it is vital to ensure the proper combination of outbound and inbound marketing by understanding how your users behave.

Lead Generation

Marketing Data Analysis

Any organization can handle small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. Many marketers are making multi-million dollar decisions based on past performance or partial data.

We simplify the decision-making process by identifying the most relevant and accurate marketing data (either internal or external). What marketers need most are relevant insights at the segment level, where they are making investment decisions.

Marketing Daya Analysis

MarTech & Data Consulting

The overall data and technology strategy should stem from an alignment between the company’s goals and its marketing initiatives. To ensure success, marketers need to develop a foundational data strategy that supports their objectives instead of ingesting all readily available data from various technology vendors. Teams need to focus on having a clear, well-analyzed customer engagement strategy that focuses on delivering the content and experiences that will engage audiences most effectively at the right time and through the right channel.

We help our clients build their customer journey and Ideal Customer Profile based on existing customer data by mapping all acquisition channels and tactics into an actionable growth roadmap. Our data consulting also includes data preparation and standardization of data related to customers and prospects.

MarTech and Data Consulting

Outbound Marketing

We can help you align your marketing strategies with sales objectives, implement regulation-compliant outreach marketing campaigns (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, etc.), and enable data-driven analytics and reports on the performance of your marketing efforts.

Outbound Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social networks offer a tremendous amount of data that, once processed and analyzed, can turn into a valuable source of insights for both your existing customer base and prospective clients.

Our services include, among other hashtag analytics (to improve followers acquisition), analysis of accounts followed by your followers (to identify areas of interest, influencers or competitors to improve targeting, social selling), competitive intelligence (KPI, segments, hashtags, engagements, ongoing Facebook ads, etc.), identification of potential influencers and brand ambassadors, geo-market studies, and sentiment analysis. 

Social Media Marketing

Competitive Benchmark

Organisations need to turn competitive intelligence into their advantage to remain relevant to the market. We help businesses map their competitors, collect custom intelligence data, perform in-depth analysis, and turn data into actionable items to improve your marketing campaign, product/service, customer experience, or any other area that you can leverage to acquire new customers.

Competitive Benchmark

CRM Data Cleansing

Working with messy CRM data can decrease the ROI of your marketing campaigns, endanger the efficiency of your ABM programs, limit your custom audience building capabilities, and simply hinder your brand image and reputation. We help our clients to clean, standardize and enrich their CRM data to increase customer satisfaction and drive growth and profits.

Data Marketing

Audit of existing systems and databases

The first step is to assess the current state to set a realistic roadmap from current to overall goals for the future (data location, flows, interactions). Most companies have quite a few platforms storing data about their customers and business processes (CRM, MarTech systems, ERP, data warehouse, BI and others).

The goal is to understand if the existing stack satisfies the company’s needs and if it can be optimized. It starts with a clearly defined list of business needs and objectives (strategy, marketing, sales, customer experience and customer service, among others)

Next, an assessment needs to be done to understand what problem is solved by each tool and verify if the company really needs it. A full mapping of data flows between all the different systems (sources, direction, types of data synchronized) will help identify a need or room for optimization.

Usually, the sales and marketing team are provided with a vast stack of tools that allows them to connect effectively with current and potential customers. Marketers require the tools and data to create compelling omnichannel marketing campaigns to boost the acquisition pipeline, while the sales teams should have access to a steady flow of meaningful and timely data to engage with new or existing businesses collect custom intelligence data, perform in-depth analysis and turn data into action to improve your marketing campaign, product/service, customer experience or any other area that you can leverage on to get new customers.

Data Quality & Quantity optimization

Data quality is critical when it comes to generating new opportunities and improving marketing efficiency. Accurate and complete data is key for increased engagement and conversion rates, especially to segment the customer and prospect base and personalize communications.
Improving data quality can drastically improve the overall marketing and sales performance of a company. Working with messy data will lead to wrong conclusions and decisions. Indeed, according to a recent Forrester study, 90% of marketers indicate that their marketing campaigns have been negatively affected by low-quality and inaccurate data resulting in financial and business losses. 
The consequences should not be taken lightly:

- Wasted marketing budget, decreased revenue and conversions rates
- Increased customer churn, reduced customer satisfaction and damaged brand reputation
- Loss of confidence from employer and colleagues

While problems caused by data quality are easy to explain, those coming from data quantity are still relatively new and require particular attention. The overwhelming volume of data made available to marketing teams has led to a decrease in data quality and processing capabilities. 
Among the most common issues we can note: 

- Collecting the right data for a given business need
- Compiling and reconciling collected data
- Analyzing data and finding meaningful insights
- Turning data insights into action

Bad data is always costly, but without proper measures, a business may not only lose potential revenue but face issues with privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, CASL, and many others). Identifying the exact nature of the problem is essential to implement corrective measures to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and compliance.

Data Process Optimization

The optimization of processes to capture, transform, store, and explore data should be implemented to ensure the continuity of the data-driven initiatives. These can include:

- Cleansing of both existing and incoming data flows
- Internal training to empower business user to become more data literate
- Optimize systems in place to avoid data siloes

 Improving data quality and management within a company can have a significant impact on revenue. Marketing teams leveraging accurate and actionable data can double their ROI and conversion rates compared with campaigns that run with messy data.

A data-first approach offers an excellent opportunity for marketers to use the available technology to earn customers’ trust, build authentic relationships, and drive sustainable revenue for the company.

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