Build a winning B2B lead generation engine

Our specialized lead generation agency will help you reach hard-to-find companies and build a scalable sales pipeline that drives revenue.



We provide B2B lead generation services for companies at all stages of development, from those with no outreach experience to those with a complete salesforce.

1. Market-Testing

Want to promote a new product but haven’t done any outreach yet?

We’ll help you:

  1. Analyse market segments and define your target audiences
  2. Create messaging that resonates with these audiences
  3. Launch outreach campaigns to find your first customers

This lead generation service is ideal for companies looking for early signs of product-market fit.


2. Channel-Testing

Found product-market fit and currently testing new channels?

We’ll help you:

  1. Develop a tailored multi-channel outreach strategy
  2. Identify the best channel mix to reach your growth goals
  3. Launch cold email, cold phone, social outreach, and direct mail campaigns

This lead generation service is ideal for companies who’re getting some inbound but haven't yet figured out outbound.

Outreach Scaling

Found the right channels and are ready to scale your outreach?

We’ll help you:

  1. Identify and engage with the right target audience at scale
  2. Implement tools and processes tailored for scaling
  3. Train your sales team on how to manage a high volume of leads

This lead generation service is ideal for companies that've seen some success with outbound and want to scale it up.




We've built a proprietary approach to find audiences that other data sources, such as Apollo, ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn, cannot.


We develop custom lead generation strategies and pre-scoring of accounts to drive higher conversions. Minimum LTV of $5,000.


We don't provide a ”black box” service. We create the campaigns with you, and you'll get complete access to all of our tools and everything else we do.


We may include a minimum response rate, cost per lead, and other lead generation metrics that need to be agreed upon.


We've worked with 40 US companies across dozens of industries, managed 3,000 daily emails per client, and generated $2M in pipeline over the last few months.

Our LEAD GENeration plans

Our lead generation experts will consult with you to tailor these services to your specific needs.

Market Testing
Channel Testing
Outreach Scaling
Cancel anytime
Cancel anytime
Monthly packages
Contacts engaged
  • Up to 10 market segments
  • ABM: from 200 companies
  • Lead-based: from 1,000 contacts
  • Up to 4 different channels
  • ABM: from 200 companies
  • Lead-based: from 2,000 contacts
  • ABM: from 300 companies
  • Lead-based: from 3,000 contacts
Campaign management
  • Outreach automation
  • Lead routing
  • Reporting
  • Outreach automation
  • Lead routing
  • Reporting
  • Outreach automation
  • Lead routing
  • Reporting
Lead Sourcing
  • Basic sources: LinkedIn, internal databases
  • 1 custom scraper
  • Basic sources: LinkedIn, internal databases
  • Up to 2 custom scrapers
  • External sources: LinkedIn, databases, directories
  • Up to 4 custom scrapers
Tech Stack Integration
Optional: CRM integration, raw data files
Optional: CRM integration, raw data files
Included: CRM systems, automation workflows with Zapier
Domain management
Optional: New domains set-up + mailboxes warm-up
Optional: New domains set-up + mailboxes warm-up
New domains set-up + mailboxes warm-up, ongoing deliverability monitoring

Our Success Stories

Hear how we helped some of our 40 B2B clients generate thousands of qualified leads.

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Working with Sardar was a delightful experience. He asked the right questions, gave insightful information for present and future, and I will definitely connect with him again.

Nicholas Houanche

Skief Labs exceeded client's goal of 40 deals, achieving over 60. They efficiently streamlined workflow and collaboration, communicating daily. Constant support and understanding contribute to a successful ongoing partnership.

Oscar Varas

CEO, Simplo Corp

Skief Labs achieved a 94% open rate and booked 9 discovery calls in a 4-week campaign. They impressed the client with their expertise and professionalism through in-person meetings and communication via phone, text, and email.

Business Development Director

Business Development Director

Skief Labs stands out in outbound marketing, lead generation, and meeting client expectations. Their friendly and available approach, even across time zones, sets them apart. They excel in communication, responsiveness, and collaboration.

Sales Development Lead

Sales Development Lead