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Automating Your LinkedIn Lead Generation: How To Do It and What Are Its Limitations

LinkedIn must have a special place in your lead generation strategy because many companies and businesses widely use it to connect and network with people. LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for B2B marketing and lead generation. Unlike on other platforms, users of this platform are more eager to have business conversations. 

Define your audience

Generating leads is not an easy feat, and it will be more successful with a solid outreach strategy. You should first define and then identify who your prospects are. This includes knowing the right person from the right company considering the size of their company, location, and many more. LinkedIn’s filters are specific to answer these questions about prospects' business. The depth of knowledge about your prospect can make and break future dealings. The micro-demographic filter found on LinkedIn can present better avenues and higher conversion rates. 

After better understanding their profiles, next is knowing their (potential) needs. With information at hand about the business, it will be easier to see the decision-making and specific needs they already have and what they might require in the near future.

Optimize your profile

From all the above information, you can now better understand how to approach and engage with them. Once you know the type of business you want to connect with, you should now proceed with optimizing your profile. Make sure that your profile is updated and easy to analyze. Always update the background photo and profile picture whenever there are changes because if they notice that you haven’t touched your profile for a while, they will deem that you are inactive and not ready to do business. 

Make an appealing headline and summary in your profile. You don’t want your prospects to just browse past your profile, and this can be avoided if you can provide a comprehensive summary and a good tagline.

Don’t forget to add skills that you’ve acquired over the years. This will leave a good impression on your prospects because it will certify that you’re seasoned in what you’re doing. In addition to this, make sure to get endorsements from your colleagues and bosses. These are very good reviews of how much a delight it is to have worked with you.

Add connections

Grow your connections by sending requests to colleagues and to those who are relevant to your business. Most of the users are pretty much open to adding people on LinkedIn and are not hesitant to share information about their business or company if they find the connection valuable.

However, you should be careful in sending too many requests daily. Currently, roughly 400 new connections can be sent on monthly basis (around 100 per week). LinkedIn may ban you if send too many requests on daily/weekly basis AND if your acceptance rate is low. Using 3rd party tools to automate your outreach can be risky as the platform is able to identify such automated actions. You should be cautious and keep this in mind to make sure that your profile will not be banned by LinkedIn. 

Get leads from other sources

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform where you can generate leads. You can also go to Facebook. It may not be as effective as LinkedIn but it can also do the job. You can do this by setting it up through the ads. A form type needs to be filled up and just like your LinkedIn profile, make sure that your ads are engaging. The branding should be consistent. Have a strong headline and description that goes along with it, then, finish it off with a killer call to action. 

Target people based on their engagements

Since there are already filters provided, you can target people who are interested in your offers. Approach and engage those who like to take an interest and not waste your time with those who are not interested. Data-driven content marketing cuts off precious time of going to everyone and narrows it down to quality prospects, those with higher conversion rates.

Once you’ve engaged and done your part of setting up your profile and campaign you also need to monitor the results. LinkedIn as well as other platforms are enabled with trackers to help see if your campaign is picking up. This allows you to make guided decisions of what the next step might be and who are the prospects that you should pursue further. 

Limitations of automating LinkedIn lead generation

Like any technology, there are always limitations associated with it. LinkedIn can recognize non-human behavior. It will be best to get professionals to manage and track your progress for your profile not to be banned. LinkedIn also has a specific number of profile visits and direct messages allowed per day. You should be wise and carefully consider those prospects who are highly likely to engage with you. These are prospects that are worth messaging and pursuing. This platform doesn’t also encourage any sort of automation tool usage.

Having professionals for your marketing needs will help you rest easy and expect quality results for LinkedIn lead generation automation. Consulting professionals are also the right way to do it to save money because growing your business will surely equate to investing or adding more capital. If you are going to capitalize on people, make sure to put your money on those who have proven experience and have the complete package for your marketing needs.

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