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Case Study: Biodegradable Solutions Company

Revolutionizing the Food Industry: Success Story of Biodegradable Solutions

The client company focuses on the design and manufacture of products that replace single-use plastics in the food industry. Their goal is to constantly innovate with environmentally friendly solutions.

They aimed to create a network of contacts and potential deals with medium-size restaurants and food distributors .

Qualitatively, this goal translated into at least 40 deals; thanks to the Skief team, they were able to close more than 60.

"The constant support and understanding from Sardar helped as we were growing as a company."
- Óscar Varas, CEO, Simplo Corp.

A brief history of the experience

It was a huge challenge for the Biodegradable Solutions team to enter the B2B food industry market. Being a relatively small and little-known company was a major obstacle to closing deals in the USA.

The Skief Labs team approached the company offering recommendations and solutions, which prompted Biodegradable Solutions to implement a Growth Hacking campaign with the objective of connecting with distributors and restaurants.

The first line of action was to create a large list of potential customers based on the characteristics of their target audience that they would contact using cold emails.

Constant support, understanding, and daily communication generated the necessary changes in the strategy to achieve better and better results.

Fortunately, after working with us, Biodegradable Solutions was able to close over 60 deals.

Aspects highlighted by the client

  • A flexible and collaborative work model
  • Daily communication
  • Support and understanding

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