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Case Study: Eat’s A Deal

"Cutting Food Waste: The Success Story of Eat's A Deal

Eat's A Deal is a food ordering platform focused on helping restaurants or businesses market unsold food through a deal, which otherwise would have to go to waste. The premise of Eat's a Deal is that 40 percent of food in the United States is wasted, that's not cool.

"Their proactivity, availability, and quality of service are impressive."
- Charles Delibes, Founder.

A brief history of the experience:

The Eat's a Deal team approached Skief Labs thanks to a recommendation, looking for a growth marketing campaign. After several meetings, they were able to establish objectives and a work path, creating a nurturing collaboration between Skief Labs and the client.

The opening rates achieved by implementing the strategy surprised the client, and the good communication managed to create new adjustments, hoping that the next campaigns will be more and more successful.

In the words of the founder of Eat's a Deal, since we joined the project, the campaign took off with positive results. The proactivity and commitment fully met expectations. The results were also quite satisfactory.

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