Outreach scaling

Case Study: Kaid Desing

KAID, specializing in multifamily and hospitality interior design

Kaid Design is an interior design firm with a strong reputation in New York and Miami, working on the fit-out of condominiums, corporate buildings, and luxury real estate developments.

"They are always quick to reply and make changes as needed to the campaign.",
- Principal & Creative Director.

A brief history of the experience

The company approached Skief Labs thanks to recommendations from people close to them. Their objective was to generate an email campaign, so Skief Labs became the right strategic ally.

Due to editorial factors, the objectives were more satisfactory, however, the client was completely satisfied and eager to undertake a second campaign.

Aspects highlighted by the client

Kaid Design highlighted several points of our way of working at Skief Labs. The fluidity in which it was carried out was a key factor, in addition to the full attention to the project that was reflected in an active proposal of ideas.

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