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Embodying values of self-direction, achievement, and caring, I've always been drawn to the allure of long-distance running. The World Marathon Challenge represents the pinnacle of this passion.

However, the shadow of its environmental impact looms large. I'm on a mission to reconcile personal ambition with global responsibility, ensuring that as we chase dreams, we don't forget the world we run in.

Sardar Azimov displaying a medal that is around his neck.

Seven Marathons,
Seven Continents,
Just Seven Days

This challenge is not simply about pushing physical boundaries; it's also an endeavor that encapsulates perseverance, resilience, and sustainable leadership.

As we cross continents, climates, and cultures, we aim to inspire others to break barriers and rethink what's possible. Because the World Marathon Challenge is more than a series of marathons.

It's a call to action—an opportunity for us to demonstrate what can be achieved when human potential is combined with a commitment to global responsibility.

About the World Marathon Challenge

A Test of Endurance, Resilience, and Sustainable Leadership

The World Marathon Challenge isn't just another race—it's an extraordinary test of physical endurance and mental resilience.

Over seven days, we journey from the icy expanse of Antarctica to the urban heartbeat of Miami, exploring the globe step by step, mile by mile.

Meet Sardar Azimov:
Where Grit Meets Business

Running the World Marathon Challenge:
A Testament to Resilience and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Hello, I'm Sardar. In the world of marathons, there are few challenges as demanding or as awe-inspiring as the World Marathon Challenge seven marathons, on seven continents in just seven days.

It's an event that stretches the limits of human endurance, mirroring how entrepreneurship demands not only innovation but also adaptability and resilience in navigating challenging business landscapes.

Running the Marathon of Entrepreneurship

At Skief Labs, guiding businesses through challenges has been my forte. Each obstacle faced is an opportunity for transformative impact.
This entrepreneurial spirit mirrors the dedication needed for the World Marathon Challenge.

My marathon feats, including a sub-three-hour finish in Boston, resonate with my life's values: resilience and ceaseless growth. Yet, the World Marathon Challenge is more than a race.

It's where my ambition meets the pressing call for a sustainable world, striking a balance between personal goals and our collective responsibility.

Ready to Align Your Brand with Resilience, Sustainable Innovation, and Global Impact?

Discover How to Sponsor This Extraordinary Challenge.

Objectives and Goals

More Than Just
a Marathon

Personal Growth and Professional Aspirations

This World Marathon Challenge isn't just another race for me; it's a culmination of years spent pushing my own limits, both physically and mentally.

As a seasoned marathoner and an entrepreneur, I've always been attracted to challenges that demand unparalleled resilience and grit.

This endeavor encapsulates not just a personal quest for growth, but a journey that echoes the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life.

Physical and Mental Preparedness

The commitment to run seven marathons on seven continents in just seven days requires rigorous preparation.

I'm currently following an intensive training regimen tailored by leading sports scientists and trainers.

This plan not only prepares my body for the ordeal but fortifies my mental resilience to withstand the pressures that come with such a formidable task.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

My ambition stretches beyond the finish line. I aim to use this challenge to raise awareness for important causes that resonate with me.

The aim is to make this challenge as eco-friendly as possible, partnering with organizations and sponsors who share a commitment to sustainability.

I'm committed to offsetting the carbon footprint generated throughout the event, in addition to all offsets already offered by the organization.

Building Business Resilience

As the founder of Skief Labs, I've navigated the complex landscape of business, steering not only my own ventures but also guiding our clients through growth and challenges.

The same qualities that it takes to build a resilient business are required here: adaptability, problem-solving, and an unwavering commitment to our goals.

Impact & Sustainability

A Commitment to Responsible
Global Stewardship

An Ethical Approach to Carbon Offsetting

The World Marathon Challenge isn't just about running and breaking athletic boundaries — it's about running responsibly.
We're conscious of our carbon footprint and aim to surpass conventional offsetting.

As recent studies on REDD projects have shown, not all offset projects deliver on their promises. 

That's why we are committed to rigorously vet and select only the most effective and ethical carbon offset initiatives.

The Benefits for  Your Brand

Aligning your brand with a commitment to sustainability is more than just good PR; it's an investment in the future.

Your support will not just help me cross seven finish lines but also contribute to long-lasting change in how we approach sports, travel, and environmental stewardship.

Measurable Impact

Transparency is key. We aim to keep our sponsors and supporters updated with detailed reports outlining our sustainability efforts, including how effectively our chosen offset projects are performing.

This way, you can be assured that your sponsorship is making a quantifiable difference.

The Long Run

This marathon challenge is a symbol of what can be achieved when human endurance meets a commitment to global responsibility.

By joining this journey, you're not just sponsoring an athlete; you're becoming a key player in a larger movement toward a more sustainable future.

Sponsorship Benefits & Opportunities

The Value of Partnership

By becoming a sponsor, you don't just receive marketing reach;
you align your brand with principles of perseverance, global awareness, and sustainability.
Here's what you stand to gain and how you can get involved :

Shared Values

Strengthen your brand's reputation by aligning with values that resonate with customers and stakeholders alike.

Elevate Your Brand

Connect with a diverse and engaged global audience passionate about resilience, athleticism, and sustainable action.

Marketing Reach

Benefit from extensive media coverage and high levels of social media engagement.

Innovation & Sustainability

Explore opportunities for collaborative projects that integrate innovative solutions with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Building Trust

Our commitment to financial transparency and evidence-based impact lays a foundation of trust between your brand and its audience.

Global Impact

Boost your corporate social responsibility by directly contributing to transformative change and environmental initiatives on a global scale.

What kind of sponsor are you ?

Discover how your brand can make a tangible impact in this journey.


  • Logo on all platforms, race media
  • Ongoing social posts, press mention
  • Tailored exclusive content
  • 20h consultancy, 20% off on services
  • Post-race webinar or live talk
Ideal for :
Organizations aiming for maximum exposure and the highest level of engagement with the event's audience.


  • Logo on all marketing, race photos
  • Three dedicated social posts
  • Press mention, exclusive content
  • 8h consultancy, 15% off on services
  • Post-race exclusive webinar
Ideal for :
Companies that want considerable visibility without the premium Platinum commitment.


  • Logo on website, race merch
  • One dedicated social post
  • Mention in press, exclusive article
  • 3h consultancy, 10% off on services
  • Monthly progress newsletter
Ideal for :
Smaller businesses or startups looking to gain visibility and align with meaningful causes.


  • Logo on website, select materials
  • Grouped social media mention
  • 1h consultancy, 5% off on services
  • Monthly progress newsletter
Ideal for :
Micro-businesses, individuals, or organizations who wish to contribute and gain some visibility.
FINancial transparency

Where Your Sponsorship Goes

Our goal is to raise at least $150,000 to support this monumental challenge and its associated environmental initiatives.
We value full transparency and accountability in how these funds will be allocated

Environmental Initiatives


Direct funding to eight different vetted environmental projects, contributing $10,000 to each.

Environmental Studies


Thorough analysis and selection of impactful environmental initiatives, ensuring meaningful and evidence-based contributions.

Marketing & Outreach


Budget for promotional materials, social media advertising, and general awareness-raising.

Logistics &


Covering all costs associated with participating in the World Marathon Challenge, including travel, accommodation, and entry fees.

Ready to make an impact that resonates around the world?

Click below to find out how your brand can be a crucial part of this monumental journey.


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